Read time: 3min David Chávez


Digital transformation in sustainability: The importance and urgency in our times

The signs are very clear, our planet is facing critical challenges and is demanding us to respond in a serious and timely manner. Climate change, natural disasters, environmental risks, and increasing pressure on natural resources are driving sustainability as a strategic pillar in organizations.
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Sustainability, where are you taking us? Our first 10 years

In the international debate on future economic progress, the concept of sustainable development has become a central element. Our lifestyles and ways ...

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Read time: 4min Claudio Muñoz


Stakeholders: A tool for long term value

Amid pressures to focus on preventive medicine, one pharmaceutical company broadened its stakeholder base to include patients, their families, and ...

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Read time: 4min Daniela Celedón


The road to complying with environmental regulations

Something that has become increasingly important in companies over time is the incorporation of environmental commitments into the strategic goals of ...

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Read time: 3min Israel Ortega

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What is the goal of an environmental management system and how to get started

When we talk about the implementation of an Environmental Management System, we start to feel that we are going uphill, but it does not have to be a ...

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Read time: 3min Claudio Muñoz


How to use your business EHS data to make better decisions

"You can't manage what you can't measure" We've all heard that phrase within an organization. For a long time, data has been considered a champion; ...

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Read time: 4min Catherine Albornoz


The 4 questions we ask ourselves about ESG criteria

Non-financial aspects are becoming increasingly relevant in business decisions and therefore it has become essential to incorporate these elements as ...

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Read time: 3min Erika Arredondo


Industry 4.0: Artificial intelligence and digital transformation as drivers of productivity

For some years now, the existence of a fourth industrial revolution has been discussed, driven by the impact of digital technology and data ...

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Read time: 4min David Chávez


Universal Standards: What is changing and why?

In June, an important update was announced to the core of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) report that will affect every organization using the ...

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Read time: 2min Daniela Celedón


The basis for the current debate on the company’s purposes

Given the international debate on the company’s purpose, Chile’s Manufacturers’ Association (SOFOFA - Sociedad de Fomento Fabril) carried out the ...

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Read time: 3min Erika Arredondo