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Planta de extracción y tratamiento de piedra triturada a cielo abierto

Sustainable Mining: Activate your ESG Management for Responsible Opportunities

In the fast-paced world of mining, environmental management is not only an obligation imposed by increasing scrutiny but has become an essential pillar for sustainability and operational excellence. The effective application of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria is positioned as a smart business strategy. 

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Work team managing its stakeholders digitally

Effective Stakeholder Management Strategies: Driving Corporate Sustainability with ESG Management Software

Today, it is unquestionable that "companies seeking sustainability in their activities must know their stakeholders, enhance dialogue, meet demands and expectations, and be transparent in the accountability of their actions." In today's environment, "being connected" with stakeholders is an essential requirement for maintaining a competitive advantage. In fact, the proper management of a company's stakeholders is an essential pillar to ensure its long-term sustainability.  

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Voluntary Environmental Commitments

Effective management of voluntary commitments: Beyond mandatory regulation

When developing projects that may have an effect on the environment, companies in Chile submit their projects and their mitigation, compensation, or remediation measures for environmental impacts to an evaluation process in which the authority verifies their environmental viability. To enter this process, companies submit an Environmental Impact Statement (DIA in Spanish) or an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).   

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What is ESG? A comprehensive guide to key corporate sustainability criteria

In the business world, the integration of ESG criteria is no longer a mere trend but an imperative necessity. Concerns related to the environment, social issues, and corporate governance practices are gaining unprecedented relevance in decision-making for both investors and consumers. In this era marked by a growing awareness of the human impact on the planet and society, companies must adopt a more sustainable and responsible approach. 

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Gestión digital de permisos

Avoid these common mistakes in environmental permitting and licensing with an efficient digital management system

Processing an environmental license can be a complicated and tedious process for any project. In 2021 alone, 936 projects were submitted for environmental assessment in Chile and only 521 of them were approved. The annual approval rate of 55% is similar in the rest of Latin America. Many of these rejected projects had problems obtaining permits, a highly influential factor in the success of a project. 

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