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Israel Ortega

Israel is a Project Engineer at M-Risk. He has twelve years of experience in environmental management and monitoring of various areas in Chile and Latin America; focusing mainly on compliance with environmental, safety and occupational health issues specifically in commitments, permits and legal requirements. He is an Environmental Engineer and is about to become a Risk Preventionist.

Voluntary Environmental Commitments

Effective management of voluntary commitments: Beyond mandatory regulation

When developing projects that may have an effect on the environment, companies in Chile submit their projects and their mitigation, compensation, or remediation measures for environmental impacts to an evaluation process in which the authority verifies their environmental viability. To enter this process, companies submit an Environmental Impact Statement (DIA in Spanish) or an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).   

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The road to complying with environmental regulations

Something that has become increasingly important in companies over time is the incorporation of environmental commitments into the strategic goals of the company. In addition to these internal commitments, every organization must comply with several regulations at the national level. Here is how to identify and address environmental regulations applicable to your business.

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