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We promote sustainability as part of the business

What do we do?

With the M-Risk software, your company can efficiently manage its information to make the best decisions for both your business and the planet. Our solutions reflect the best practices of the different industries of the last 10 years.

Solutions for all your business needs

M-Risk software provides advanced tools to manage and support environmental, social, and economic compliance information; developing graphs, charts, and automated reports. The platform allows organizations to analyze large volumes of data and generate relevant trends to make informed, agile, and effective decisions.



Manage the regulations applicable to your business efficiently so that you comply with them in an orderly manner.



Facilitates the process of processing and obtaining permits issued by the authority.



Systematize and centralize the monitoring of data and obtain graphs and tables updated in real time so that you do not fall into breaches.


Waste Management

Identify and measure the generation of industrial waste throughout the different production stages of your company and achieve full compliance with current environmental regulations.


Chemical Management

Find out quickly and efficiently about each of the dangerous substances used in your organization and know the actions that must be carried out in case of emergency.


Risk Management

Standardize and cross-report the company's risks to establish action plans to mitigate them.


Occupational Health

Quickly identify relevant aspects of safety. Control risks, register and monitor and take care of your collaborators.



Identify your stakeholders, classify them, keep up to date with events or accidents and manage communication and relationships with them, keeping a historical record.

Environmental and Social Programs

Keep all your environmental and social information consolidated, perform according to the national authority, and generate Environmental Compliance Reports.

Audit & Inspection

Register, control, and track audits, inspections, and verifications in the field through international guidelines and standards.


Legal Requirements

Find out and control compliance with all the regulations applicable to your company and obtain information on the legal risks corresponding to your business.


ESG Reporting

Prepare sustainability reports, record, organize and support all the information necessary for the analysis and writing of the annual reportability.

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