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How ISA INTERCOLOMBIA Optimized Compliance with Environmental and Social Commitments using M-Risk Software

ISA Intercolombia

ISA INTERCOLOMBIA is a public utility company in Colombia, dedicated to high-voltage electricity transmission. In fulfilling its objectives, ISA must efficiently and transparently manage numerous environmental and social aspects for both its existing network and new projects.

Having to handle a large number of requirements from different environmental authorities, this company concluded that tackling this task becomes even more demanding due to the presence of some factors such as:

  • A large volume of requirements: Over 2,000 environmental and social requirements each year.
  • Constant changes in legislation: Need to adapt to regulatory changes.
  • Lack of standardization: Manual and heterogeneous processes that hinder traceability.
  • Limited access to information: Difficulty in accessing reliable and up-to-date data for decision-making.

To address this situation, ISA INTERCOLOMBIA decided to implement a software solution that could centralize and manage all the information related to its socio-environmental management processes.

After a thorough evaluation, the company selected M-Risk, environmental, social, and regulatory compliance management software, as its provider; due to its technical expertise, wide range of functionalities, and ability to meet its specific needs.

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M-Risk: A Strategic Ally  

To ensure compliance with all requirements in the shortest possible time, a joint working group was established with regular follow-up meetings to address each application to be implemented. Additionally, M-Risk helped the organization upload historical information to the platform.

In this way, the company had compliance data and evidence centralized in one place, so that all relevant information was easily accessible to users. It is worth noting that both ISA INTERCOLOMBIA employees and contractors work on the platform, allowing for collaborative and distributed work.

The implementation of M-Risk brought several benefits to ISA INTERCOLOMBIA:

  • Standardization of processes: Standardized processes have been implemented for the management of permits, commitments, monitoring, legal requirements, stakeholders, audits and inspections, and environmental and social programs.
  • Improved traceability: A complete tracking of the history of interactions and activities related to socio-environmental management can be carried out.
  • Access to information: Users can easily and at all times access the updated information they need to make informed decisions.
  • Reduction of report generation time: The generation of strategic and compliance reports has been streamlined.
  • Improved collaboration: The platform facilitates collaboration between internal and external teams.
  • Greater efficiency: Environmental and social management has been optimized, resulting in a significant reduction in time and resources.
  • Regulatory compliance: The company more effectively complies with environmental and social requirements.

Achievement of Results 

ISA INTERCOLOMBIA has positioned itself as a leader in environmental management. The company not only accessed the inclusion of digital tools in its management processes — one of the goals of the strategy projected for 2030 — but also managed to keep all its commitments, progress monitoring, and level of compliance with environmental and social management in its operations in one place.

Through the operation of its wide range of solutions, M-Risk covered seven key areas for the Colombian power plant:

  • Permit Management
  • Commitment Management
  • Variable Monitoring
  • Legal Requirements Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Audit and Inspection
  • Environmental and Social Program Management


Lessons Learned

ISA INTERCOLOMBIA's experience with M-Risk offers valuable lessons for other companies facing similar challenges in environmental and social management:

  • The importance of centralizing information: Centralizing information on a single platform facilitates access, management, and data analysis.
  • The need to standardize processes: Process standardization ensures efficiency, transparency, and traceability.
  • The value of collaboration: Collaboration between internal and external teams is essential for the success of environmental and social management.
  • The importance of technology: The right technological solutions can help companies overcome complex challenges and achieve their goals.


The company has demonstrated its commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, allowing it to strengthen its reputation and generate value for its stakeholders.

Currently, there is ongoing cooperation between teams to meet the company's objectives in various areas and generate the reports and indicators required by the organization.

ISA INTERCOLOMBIA's success case with M-Risk demonstrates that technological solutions can be powerful tools to optimize environmental and social management in companies. By adopting solutions like M-Risk, companies improve their efficiency, comply with regulatory requirements, and strengthen their commitment to sustainability.

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