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Planta de extracción y tratamiento de piedra triturada a cielo abierto

Sustainable Mining: Activate your ESG Management for Responsible Opportunities

In the fast-paced world of mining, environmental management is not only an obligation imposed by increasing scrutiny but has become an essential pillar for sustainability and operational excellence. The effective application of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria is positioned as a smart business strategy. 

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Work team managing its stakeholders digitally

Effective Stakeholder Management Strategies: Driving Corporate Sustainability with ESG Management Software

Today, it is unquestionable that "companies seeking sustainability in their activities must know their stakeholders, enhance dialogue, meet demands and expectations, and be transparent in the accountability of their actions." In today's environment, "being connected" with stakeholders is an essential requirement for maintaining a competitive advantage. In fact, the proper management of a company's stakeholders is an essential pillar to ensure its long-term sustainability.  

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The aquaculture industry's path to integrated management

Chile is the second-largest producer of salmon in the world after Norway, concentrating 26% of world production. In 2020, the Latin American country harvested 1,043,144 tons according to the Chilean Salmon Council. Maintaining production of this scale in a meticulous manner requires an ecosystemic approach that includes the management of industrial waste, involvement with the communities in the areas of influence, and proper management of legal responsibilities.

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