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Comprehensive Triple-Impact Management ESG:

Environmental, Social & Gobernance

We instantly transform your data into information for assertive and informed decision making.

Organization and follow-up at a click

Manage your business with a global perspective

Your information is centralized and secure, always available through our Control Panels.

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Our Impact

¿Why M-Risk?


One software, multiple solutions.


Visualize all your activities on a map.

Unlimited licenses

Work with your collaborators, contractors, consultants, laboratories and more, without limits.

Successful solutions

90% of customers declare themselves very satisfied or satisfied with us.


The importance of Environmental Management and how to be the expert in your company

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How does it work?

Simplify sustainability

The SaaS (Software as a Service) model allows us to offer centralized administration of applications. Each of them solve a different problem and work in accordance with the international standards and regulations of each industry.

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The path to smart sustainability from M-Risk

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Icono Compromisos


Icono Monitoreo


Icono Requisitos Legales

Legal Requirements

Icono Riesgos

Risk Management

Icono Auditoria

Audit and Inspection

Icono Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional

Occupational Health

Icono Residuos

Waste Management


Occupational Health

Icono Sustancias Químicas

Chemical Management

Icono Stakeholders

Stakeholder Management

Icono Reporte ESG

ESG Reporting

The efficiency of our clients is our priority

"One of our goals was to formalize, make transparent and manage the interested parties and thanks to this platform it has been achieved and there has been noticeable progress" Juan Estéban Ortúzar - Head of Public Affairs at Aguas Andinas
"The relationship with M-Risk has been good, we have always had their support and they have been open to listening to our needs. I am happy with the M-Risk solution because it has helped a lot in the management of all the information that was previously scattered " Lía Paternina - Environmental Professional EPM Group

We implement in 5 weeks and we work with your team so that they can begin to enjoy sustainability

Do you want to go to the next level?

Find out how management through M-Risk contributes to your company and the planet.

Your information is centralized and secure, always available through our Control Panels.