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EHS Management Software

Ready-to-use SaaS applications

We transform your environmental, social, health, and safety data into useful information for sound decisions.

How does M-Risk impact businesses?

Maintain a flawless level of compliance

M-Risk's Software as a Service allows to fully address the issue of sustainability and manage environmental, social and health and safety variables in a comprehensive manner and in accordance with international standards and regulations; meeting the current requirements of each industry.

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Our Impact

¿Why M-Risk?

Holistic software

All your activities and performance managed from a single platform. 


Visualize the status of your operations on a map.

Unlimited licenses

Work with your collaborators, contractors, consultants, laboratories and more. Without limits.

Successful solutions

90% of customers declare themselves very satisfied with us.

Learn about our success stories

Companies from multiple countries and industries use M-Risk to support their management, enhance sustainability in their processes and improve their performance. Find out how they do it.

M-Risk Solutions

Applications for every sustainability need

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Ícono Reportes ESG

ESG Integrated Reports

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Icono Requisitos Legales

Legal Requirements

Icono Riesgo

Risk Management

Icono Auditoría

Audit and Inspection

Icono SST

Occupational Health & Safety

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Organization and follow-up at a click

Manage your business with a global perspective

Your information is centralized and secure, always available through our Control Panels.


The efficiency of our clients is our priority

"[The M-Risk software] shows you how many things have been uploaded, how many activities there are, how much has been invested, how many hours, how many contacts there are. It's like a snapshot. We didn't have that information before, and it's impossible to build something like that without the software. That's the great value of M-Risk." María José Rioja - Human Resources, Communities and Communications Manager at Mowi
"The relationship with M-Risk has been good, we have always had their support and they have been open to listening to our needs. I am happy with the M-Risk solution because it has helped a lot in the management of all the information that was previously scattered " Lía Paternina - Environmental Professional EPM Group
[The M-Risk software] saved us time and made us more organized in the way we work. We now know where to put information and we remember the records of different types of activities. It helps us structure activities, commitments and follow-ups." Percy Avendaño, CGE's Institutions and Communities Coordinator for Arica - Iquique


The New Landscape for Business Leaders Facing Compliance Challenges

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We implement in 5 weeks and we work with your team so that they can begin to enjoy sustainability