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How to create a culture of compliance and reduce the company's environmental impacts

gestión ambiental

Today it is a reputational requirement for organizations to systematically and consistently address the environmental and social commitments associated with the business. Sustainability has become a strategic pillar for organizations and therefore requires more comprehensive and far-reaching management.  

Whether to comply with audits, increase the efficiency of business processes, process environmental or sectorial permits, or carry out audits, implementing projects depends on correctly managing environmental and social compliance.   

Thus, this has become a key issue for companies, requiring the correct management of business commitments aimed at reducing the environmental, social, and economic impacts that the development of activities may cause. This challenge, common for organizations, has promoted various innovative solutions for business efficiency.   

Here we will show you the best way to manage these obligations to mitigate negative effects, maintain a high level of compliance and increase operational efficiency.  

Follow-up and verification 

Keeping track of commitments and obligations is demanding and challenging but necessary. Between regulations, social and internal commitments, there is a lot of ground to cover.   

It is worth mentioning that keeping up with constant regulatory changes and proactively identifying incidents before they become violations are two of the most common challenges organizations face when trying to manage compliance and reduce related risks.   

Fortunately, today there are software solutions that allow you to systematize the processes of monitoring, verification, and compliance of business commitments, allowing you to anticipate possible changes and save time and resources.   

Along these lines, M-Risk's ESG management software has three key functionalities for top-level compliance management: 

  1. Keeps you informed of potential violations: Our platform has compliance indicators that allow you to avoid potential violations, anticipating possible risks or threats that could affect the business's success.  
  2. Allows you to visualize compliance status graphically: M-Risk's compliance calendar allows you to see the current and historical status of commitments with a monthly or higher frequency of verification, making it possible to visualize the status of compliance by operation and project. The user knows what to prioritize at a glance.  
  3. Notifies you weekly on the status of your verifiers: M-Risk users receive weekly email notifications of overdue and expiring verifiers and commitments in non-compliance. Additional alerts can also be scheduled.   

In a nutshell, the M-Risk software helps you work efficiently by dedicating the right amount of time to compliance management, keeping you informed of potential non-compliance, and getting a quick view of the overall status of commitments, which is always kept up to date. 

What is the role of employees in compliance management? 

Although it is possible to maintain comprehensive compliance management through the software, it is necessary to complement it with good business practices to mitigate risks:  

  • Maintain a robust change management process to be able to easily and properly assess risks and make the necessary changes from there.   
  • Automate workflows, digitize processes and implement milestones for easy tracking. 

ESG management software such as M-Risk is an excellent tool for maintaining consistent methodologies throughout the organization. Having clearly defined processes for compliance allows this work to be proactive rather than reactive. A key feature of proper compliance management.  

The platform, in addition to encouraging a correct work methodology, allows the management and support of the company's compliance information in a centralized location with unlimited users and provides access to all the organization's collaborators for agile and assertive decision-making.


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