M-Risk FAQ




1. Can the platform be integrated with other tools?

The M-Risk platform is designed to ease its integration with other systems, like Microsoft or ERP, such as SAP.

2. Is this platform stable?

One of our major concerns is the platform’s availability for our clients’ operations. We offer a 99.9% Uptime.

3. What safety level does the M-Risk platform offer?

Our platform has the highest data security standards, with redundant databases operating as a backup in case of any contingency. Additionally, we periodically conduct an Ethical Hacking exercise, taking a proactive approach to face any contingency.

4. How much data can the platform store?

We are convinced we cannot restrict these matters to our customers, which is why we provide unlimited storage for data associated with the platform.

5. How is the platform hired or licensed?

The M-Risk platform is comprised of different applications that can be hired individually, to the customer’s convenience. The license is issued for a period of at least 18 months.

6. How many users does the license consider?

The funding scheme does not consider a specific number of users. Our customers can create all the users they need to achieve management excellence.


1. Is the implementation of the M-Risk platform complex?

We have a structured implementing procedure for every application that allows us to ensure the implementation is finished in under 6 weeks.

2. How much effort will it require from the organization?

It is very important to have a project leader and for the team to be fully committed to the project. The largest effort from the customer’s side comprises the definition of the workflow to be parameterized, and the participation in training.

3. Are there consultants in the different matters covered by the applications?

M-Risk has specialists in each area of the solutions to be implemented, who support the customers during the whole implementation process and the definition of subject-specific issues.

4. What does Support include?

M-Risk puts the Help Desk service at their customers’ disposal, addressing doubts and queries in the first instance. There is a second level of support provided by our specialists, with which we make sure we can address any requirement that arises.

5. Is there a cost associated with the Help Desk?

The Help Desk and specialist support services are included in the license agreement and do not have any additional cost for the customers, regardless of the number of queries.


1. Do you have a presentation?

You can find all the relevant information for each one of our solutions on our website.

2. Where can I get more information about the platform?

If you want more information you can complete our contact form and we will gladly solve all your questions.

3. Do you have mobile tools?

The M-Risk solution considers two types of mobile solutions. One of them is focused on performing on-field activities (audits, inspections, incident records, meetings). This allows capturing relevant data as the events take place so that the data is automatically recorded in the platform. The second mobile feature aims to access reports and relevant data recorded in the platform, which can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

4. Are there different profiles for users?

Part of the implementation activities considers role definitions for each user accessing the platform, which will define what they can do and what data they can access.

5. Can I load historical data on the platform?

It is possible to load historical data in the platform, which is recommended once its set of parameters has been defined.

6. What is the scope of the reports provided by the platform?

The platform is configured with a significant number of reports. However, and at the customer’s request, it is possible to generate the required additional reports.

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