We promote business while taking care of the planet

We bring sustainable practices to companies in Latin America through digital transformation.

The most complete software solution for sustainability in Latin America.

  • We have been providing personalized reporting for ten years for companies to efficiently manage their businesses.
  • Our M-Risk Analytics management model allows us to know the evolution of the business at a glance.
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Our purpose

Provide disruptive technological solutions for our clients to achieve excellence in environmental, regulatory, and risk control compliance management matters. Providing rewarding user experiences so they can focus on their business.

Our Team

We are a team with diverse skills and experiences united in the mission of building a sustainable world.

group of employees looking at screen
Foto Claudio Muñoz-1

Claudio Muñoz

Chief Executive Officer
Foto Daniela Celedon-2

Daniela Celedón

Customer Success Manager
Foto David Chavez

David Chávez

Service Manager
Foto Erika Arredondo-1

Erika Arredondo

Marketing Manager
Foto Verónica de  Parres

Verónica de Parres

Country Manager México
Foto Juliana Corredor

Juliana Corredor

Country Manager Colombia
Ignacio Acuña - Foto Sitio Web (1)

Ignacio Acuña

Business Development Manager

Javiera Narváez

Project Manager México - Perú
Foto Brenda Olivares sitio web

Brenda Olivares

Project Manager México

Eduardo Alarcón

Environmental Specialist
Foto Javier Sanchez-1

Javier Sánchez

Environmental Specialist

Luisa Isaza

Environmental Specialist
Foto Karina Muñoz

Karina Muñoz

Health, Safety and Risk Specialist
Foto Macarena Gonzalez

Macarena González

Monitoring and Waste Specialist

María Graciela Breiding

Community Relations and ESG Specialist
Marco Vázquez (1)

Marco Vázquez

Service Specialist
Foto Juan Campos

Juan Campos

Support & Reporting Specialist
Foto Juan Manuel Moreno

Juan Manuel Moreno

Project Engineer Colombia
Foto Israel Ortega-1

Israel Ortega

Project Engineer

Catherine Albornoz

Senior Business Intelligence Consultant

Catalina Muñoz

Marketing Assistant
Ganador Concurso Propósito

Constanza Zárate

Community Manager
Luis Castillo Sitio Web

Luis Castillo

IT Engineer
Eduardo Espinoza_ Transparente-1

Eduardo Espinoza

IT Engineer
Ganador Concurso Propósito

Gerard Muñoz

IT Specialist
Héctor Vicencio sitio web

Héctor Vicencio

IT Specialist

Our Clients