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M-Risk presents a solution that provides advanced tools to manage and backup information on environmental, social, and economic compliance, generating automated charts, tables, and reports. The platform allows different organizations to analyze large volumes of data and to generate relevant trends to make better, more informed, streamlined, and effective decisions.

Our Solutions

Medio ambiente

Environmental Management

We ease the control of potential environmental impacts from your operations, with the environmental requirements and applicable regulations as guidance. We help manage the critical variables of operations in order to prevent non-compliance derived from environmental assessment and certification processes. We have tools to measure and reduce key indicators such as your company’s water consumption, among others. We care about measuring and recording relevant information to produce sustainability reports

Salud y seguridad

Health & Safety

We offer the tools for the effective development of our customersְ’ Occupational Health & Safety Programs, to promote having safe, healthy, and productive employees. We simplify information consolidation and analysis to support our clients in the management of their associated risks. We promote prevention through training and early management of incidents to reduce the risk of work-related accidents and diseases.



We promote and simplify the comprehensive management of our customers’ strategic relationships with their stakeholders in the development of their business. The goal is to encourage smooth communication with the relevant stakeholders of the immediate community to comply with their corporate responsibility and community relations plans.

Gestión de riesgos

Risk Management

We provide strategic management tools that allow modeling the risk map associated with our clients’ businesses. This way, it is possible to transversally identify, integrate, control, mitigate, and report the information to all the levels of your company. Senior management has permanent access to the status of each critical risk identified, preventing unexpected events and supporting timely decision-making. Additionally, it is possible to define and organize action plans that allow mitigating operational risks, performing a systematized follow-up through the M-Risk platform.



We deliver applications that allow to manage and decrease non-compliance risks for the organization in a transversal and centralized manner. It allows anticipating potential events of regulatory, legal, internal, and stakeholders' non-compliance nature via smart notifications to each responsible person. It has a constantly updated regulatory base, linked to every programmed compliance. It organizes and categorizes your information, making audit and inspection processes easier, complemented by a compliance evidence document

Reportes ESG

ESG Reports

We make a sustainability report available in accordance with international standards that considers environmental, social, and economic variables. It eases decision-making thanks to a consolidated view with real-time data and historical information. It manages relevant materiality topics for stakeholders and improves the company’s reputation thanks to the greater transparency and evidence of the management carried out by the organization before the world.

M-Risk Applications

M-Risk applications allow wide executive reporting, dashboards, charts, key indicators (KPIs), information georeferencing, and real-time map features with the behavior of business variables and management status for each facility. Likewise, they allow you to proactively manage, through notifications, while easing timely and effective action of all the areas in your organization. All of the above, one click away.


Icono Compromisos-1

Commitment Application

It automates follow-up, verification, and commitment/obligation compliance processes in your company. It contains smart notifications that allow foreseeing possible variations. It manages the times, resources, and progress of the tasks assigned to each person responsible.

Icono Permisos

Permits Application

It eases the process of obtaining, complying, and renewing permits and licenses. It possesses a complete legal base that relates each permit with its corresponding regulation. It automates permits and licenses management and requirements through activities and the responsible associated users. Alarms and reports on the progress and status of permits and licenses can be set up.

Icono Monitoreo

Monitoring Application

It systematizes and centralizes data monitoring, making results easy to understand with charts and tables. It includes data consistency validation processes, which ensure its quality. It allows controlling and planning the sampling work carried out by internal and/or external staff. It contains consolidated reports, pre-built to report to authorities.

Icono Residuos

Waste Application

It allows traceability of solid waste generation and management. It considers definitions according to the current environmental regulation and practices for waste management from different industries.


Icono Sustancias Químicas

Chemical Substances Application

It allows traceability of the acquisition, use, transport, and storage of hazardous substances. It considers definitions according to the current environmental regulations and practices for hazardous substances management.


Icono Stakeholders

Stakeholders Aplication

It grants complete access and control of the relevant information of each stakeholder of your company. It eases decision-making regarding external issues, considering all the necessary aspects of each stakeholder. It allows the monitoring  of relevant stakeholders, prioritize work with relevant actors according to their level of influence or their level of support to your company, provides information regarding relationships between stakeholders, among other features.

Icono Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional

Occupational Health & Safety Application

It addresses Risk Prevention at Work and Occupational Safety matters, according to the guidelines of international regulations OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001, and GRI, as well as the current national regulations. It allows for quick identification of hazards and risk control thanks to its mobile reporting system, on-site detection of conditions and actions out of organizational standards, which allows producing reports on behavior trends and substandard conditions. It also offers scheduling, follow-up, and management for different plans and programs from the Risk Prevention departments, including management of Joint Committee(s), as well as Contractors and Subcontractors.

Icono Riesgos

Risk Application

It consolidates and automates the identification and mitigation of identified hazards and risks for each process or specific task within your company. It effectively manages control measures to be issued with alarms and responsible people, and provides traceability of the evolution of each risk assessment, among other relevant features.

Icono Auditoría

Audit and Inspection Application

It is based on international standards that support the certification process and allows recording, controlling, and following-up audits, inspections, and on-field checks on Environment, Operation, or Health & Safety-related matters. By defining Auditing and Inspection Plans, the platform will automatically remind the users responsible for the execution of assigned tasks, while the auditor will have an associated mobile tool for on-field work.

Icono Requisitos Legales

Legal Requirement Application

It allows controlling compliance with all the regulations applicable to the company. It has a monthly updated regulatory database, on which users carry out permanent management, establishing dates and a compliance schedule for each identified legal requirement. Notifications can be set regarding compliance activities, while the articles of each legal body loaded in the platform can be linked to one or more obligations, waiting for its compliance checker.

Icono Reporte ESG

Sustainability Reports Application (ESG)

The Sustainability Reports application is based on the methodology, format, content, and quality principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It allows for the appropriate preparation and presentation of the Report, under the GRI guidelines. Likewise, the topic standards are approved for other reports such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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