During the first half of this year, fifth year Environmental Engineering students at the University Andres Bello received training on the use and implementation of the platform TORESA by m-risk. The lectures were dictated by Sebastian Soza, an engineer in natural resources and m-risk innovation. The alliance strengthened the theoretical content of “Industrial Environmental Management” by illustrating the practical use of the software tool that supports environmental management and sustainability of companies.

Students had an opportunity to process, analyze and manage information via differing functions of the tool, such as; projects, commitments, monitoring, permits, among others, in order to visualize processes of environmental information management in projects associated with RCAs. A vital step in the training of students in order to equip them with the skills to preparing necessary information to conduct audits, experience firsthand the process of auditing and generating reports, develop implementation plans, among other topics.

“I learned that there is now a tool used in the workplace, which supports the management of environmental issues. After experiencing the range of TORESA content, I feel I have a extra skill when my time comes to enter into the labor market.” Javier Sanchez, fifth year student, National University Andres Bello.