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Oil and Gas


The Oil & Gas industry is highly demanded, resources are under threat of depletion. It is thus vital for an examination and research of complex environments such as deep waters. The industry is also experiencing a paradigm shift due to the discovery of shale gas in the U.S. and the expected shift to renewable energy.

The industry faces a dual challenge; how to supply energy responsibly and how to achieve the three goals; economic growth, social and environmental protection and awareness.

During this time of uncertainty, the industry must comply with the new regulatory demands in order to continue the maintenance of relationships with stakeholders, act proactively in the discovery of shale gas, ensure the health and safety of workers, closely monitor gas emissions and organise and handle the distribution and transport of shale gas.


  • Hazardous material
  • Social management
  • Greenhouse gases
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Water efficiencyustancias peligrosas

5,4%of the oil workers are injured on the job.

Oil, natural gas and coal cover 87% of energy consumption on the planet

m-risk and OIL and GAS

m-risk allows the Oil and Gas industry the ability to monitor greenhouse gas emissions, reduce accident rates, ensure compliance with environmental regulations, monitor water quality, soils, flora and fauna, and record permits.

Recommended applications for Oil and Gas

  • Commitments and obligations
  • Permits and licences
  • Health and safety
  • Communities
  • Water Management
  • Energy and greenhouse gases
  • Hazardous material