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The price drop in the mining sector has been a major blow to the industry. This is mainly due to the instability of the iron industry in Brazil, copper and other minerals in Chile, increased energy prices in Colombia and Peru’s currency depreciation and community pressures.

The challenges to the mining sector also derive from maintaining operations, resource use and cost optimization. It is a sector that handles variables such as water use, energy consumption and cost, specialized health and safety with external partners, relationships with communities, air pollution, environmental impact and others.


  • Greenhouse gas management
  • Optimizing water resource in mining operation
  • Health and safety management
  • Social management
  • Energy efficiency
  • Environmental compliance

6% of GDP in Latin America was contributed by mining in 2013, according to ECLAC

m-risk inmining

m-risk has effectively reduced mining accidents, supported efficient water use, improved community relations, maintained environmental regulations and control of greenhouse gases.
"Having information accessible at all times, has allowed for better decisions in less time," Hector Araya, Environmental Supervisor and Permits, Rockwood Lithium.

Recommended applications for mining

  • Commitments and obligations
  • Permits and licences
  • Health and safety
  • Water management
  • Communities
  • Monitoring
  • Energy and greenhouse gases
  • Hazardous material