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The demand for electricity and consumption in Latin America will increase by 2.5 times by 2050 (WEC, World Energy Council).
The main challenges facing this sector are in the generation of resources as well as transmission and distribution. The growing consumer demand and the importance of this resources for economic growth and development make this an industry that will see concentrated investment in the coming years. Given these rapid developments, the industry must manage various factors such as the use of water, the monitoring of air quality, biodiversity, aquatic ecosystems and more. Additional attention must also be given in regards to the health and safety of workers and compliance of legalities and operational risks.


Greenhouse gas management Occupational health and safety in electricity generation Thermoelectric effect on water resources management Social hydroelectric energy consumption in communities

According to OLADE (Latin American Energy Organization), we have seen a 53.7% increase in electricity consumption in Latin America over the past 13 years.

m-risk in energy

m-risk provides a means for monitoring the energy industry, permits, water use, greenhouse gases. The health and safety function helps control operational risks and improve business performance, supporting the prevention of accidents and incidents. The platform allows for greater control of the relationship with the community.
"m-risk provides us with centralized information that is accessible from different points. With that, we can measure and analyze the environmental performance and compliance with the goals, objectives of our project managers in the zonal managers. It is also an indicator to validate the achievement of objectives before the Integrated Management System (IMS). "Cecilia Soto, Project Manager, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Transelec

Recommended applications for energy

  • Commitments and obligations
  • Permits and licences
  • Health and safety
  • Water management
  • Communities
  • Monitoring
  • Energy and greenhouse gases