m-risk Platform

m-risk Platform

m-risk Platform is a web based software designed to support strategic decision making and operational risk management. It offers a holistic service aiding the sustainability of all operations in your business, from the health and safety of employees and partners, permit/ legislation management, environmental presence and impact and your company’s relationship with communities (EHS&S).

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Value Proposal

m-risk: One holistic solution for all HSEC needs

m-risk solves all needs for HSEC data & risk management, monitoring, reporting, compliance and more. The main value for your company is the software’s ability to manage all needs in a single platform, from environmental, social and health and safety projects. The software ensures reliability, a high level of expertise and ease of use.

SaaS Model (Software as a Service), with up to date localized regulation

m-risk has a complete and up to date library of local regulations and provides reports and information in a format required by local authorities in each country. With m-risk, you can control, plan and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards depending on the region where your company is located. Many of the new capabilities included in the m-risk updates are developed from our users and community feedback.

Designed and built for integration and scalability

Our world-class hosting infrastructure is a system designed for multiple operations and consolidation capabilities to be integrated with other tools to simplify the operation of the company and the workflow of employees. In addition, the modular design allows a flexible and scalable implementation for companies of different sizes and industry structure.

Plug & Play implementation, fast deployment & minimum resource consumption

m-risk can be up and running within two to four weeks. One of the main competitive advantages of m-risk solutions is its ease and speed of integration. With advanced technology and a friendly and intuitive interface design, m-risk is a planning tool developed specifically designed with users in mind. It provides a simple and effective user experience.

Excellent design and usability, which allows management in a virtually intuitive way.