m-risk Platform

We present a full set of software solutions in the Cloud for Environmental, Communities, Compliance, Health and Safety, and Risk Management services. We aim that our clients should simplify their daily management activities, mitigate and reduce operational risks, meet their deadlines and comply with any legal requirement in their countries. Additionally, we want our clients to improve their reports and enhance the operational efficiency of their activities by promoting a sustainable and successful development of their businesses over time.

 Our featured solutions

m-risk platform is a software designed to support strategic decision-making and operational risk management. It proposes a holistic service that aids in the pursuit of sustainability of all operations in your business, from wellness and safety of employees and partners, permit/legislation management process, environmental presence and impact to your company’s relationship with communities (EHS&S).

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Our team of specialists have developed a set of software solutions in the cloud. Rest assured that we provide you with a complete, integral and yet flexible and efficient platform. We guarantee to offer you the best service at all times as your multiple needs are our top priority.

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Value Proposal

Enables integration and scalability

The structure of our web-based m-risk platform facilitates its integration with all kinds of corporate tools. In addition, the modular design allows for a flexible and scalable implementation for companies of different sizes and industry structure.


Ease and speed implementation

Thanks to the constant feedback from our clients, the implementation process has been designed to be performed quickly and uncomplicated. m-risk can be up and running in your company within a month. This fast deployment prompts a positive perception from our software’s users and allows for a smooth implementation.

Value proposal

At m-risk, we put together the skillfulness of our highly specialized team of professionals with over 10 years of experience and a set of software solutions in the cloud. Therefore, our software provides successful goal achievement at all times and in a simple and sustainable manner over time.

A solution with up-to-date localized regulation

You can control, plan and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards wherever your company is located. Thanks to our complete and up-to-date library of local regulations we can be ahead of changes in your country policies. All these features ensure that we can minimize non-compliances and penalties.