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Solutions by Application

We have multiple applications to create solutions according to the particular interests of each client

The applications are focused on facilitating management and control in all the sustainability issues of your company, achieving simple, direct and efficient access to data.


It allows you to plan and manage all training that must be carried in the company, according to context of their production process. Identify workers skilled and know their results online, checking the correct achievement of expected goals. Know all the trainings that have been granted for each worker, trainer body, issue of training, among other features.

Commitments / Obligations

Automates the tracking, verification and compliance with the commitments and liabilities of the business. It contains an intelligent notification system that allows an anticipation of possible alterations and variants. It supports resource allocation, time and task management of each user and department.


Communities function aids with the management of licenses, permit processes, relationships with the community, control of resources and identification of opportunities. It includes stakeholder management, community engagement and communication with the different areas of influence

Energy and Greenhouse Gases

This tool allows your team to consolidate, analyze and report information on consumption, electric power and performance, facilitating the detection of critical points (hotspots) of consumption and efficiency. It optimizes the consolidation, analysis and reporting of your Corporate Carbon Footprint.

Stakeholders Management

This application is focused on facilitating the management of community relations within and outside the location of operation. The application provides a comprehensive, centralized management of all priority issues that need to be complied with to adequately carry out corporate social responsibility. The fields m-risk offers support with are; stakeholders, regional analysis, communications and conflict prevention and commitments.

Water Management

The water management application intelligently manages water resources and consumption. It detects inefficient usage and processes of water consumption and generates detailed reporting and aids with the implementation of a corrective action plan. It maintains updated statistics of all water usage.

Incident Management

This multifunctional tool manages the prevention, registration and resolution of environmental incidents. It generates a complete record of incidents with detailed documentation, locational information and plans for appropriate corrective and preventive actions. Consolidated incident reports are logged and documented.

Risk Matrix

Consolidate and automate the identification, prioritization and mitigation of risks identified for each process or task within your company. Manage main measures that need to be implemented to reduce, control and avoid risks, with a responsible user or department and receive emails alerts and notifications. Have the traceability of the evolution of each risk assessment, among other important functions.


Systematizes and centralizes monitoring data, aiding the analysis of statistics and results through graphs and tables. It has an inbuilt validation process to ensure quality and accurate data. It allows you to control and plan the work being carried out, consolidate reports and it offers pre-built reporting to authorities.

Permits and licences

Facilitates the process of obtaining, enforcing and renewal of permits and licenses. This function has a complete legal framework relating to each sector of permit regulations. It automates the management of permits, licenses and requirements through highlighting action items and allocating them to team members. The progress and the status of permits and licenses are made trackable with alarms and detailed reports.


This application allows you to anticipate decision making, anticipate planning  of response to complaints and claims of communities and stakeholders through a comprehensive tool for managing such communications. It allows tracking to know the context and history of each  stakeholder´s complaint or claim, and define internal responsible for planning activities and commitments to resolve and respond appropriately and in less time

GRI Reporting

The sustainability reporting application is founded on the principles of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). It allows adequate preparation and presentation reporting under the guidelines of GRI.

Waste Management

This application identifies and manages the source(s) of solid waste. This function works in alliance with global and localized environmental regulations and it has an acute focus on the management practices of different industries.

Health and Safety

This application records information for your company’s Occupational Safety and Health (OSH), founded on the guidelines of OHSAS 18001 “Management Systems Health and Safety”. It incorporates lessons learned and best practices in OSH. It guides the implementation of safe and healthy practices that comply with the guidelines of OSH.

Hazardous material

This tool tracks the origins of the hazardous material, as well as the employment, transportation and storage of dangerous substances. It takes into consideration all current environmental regulations and management practices of hazardous material.


Within this application you can expect complete profiles with the information necessary for the control of internal and external workers and contractors. Manage all kinds of documentation, and anticipate breaches related to contracts, licenses or exams through preventive alerts platform. Know the results of workers in training sessions and their incidents involvement.

Basic Functions

The Basic Functions act as the central management hub. It includes functions that allow usability and cross-referencing of all additional management systems. The georeferencing optimizes efficient work-flow, reporting, planning and the allocation of tasks within your team.


Activities stores, organizes and manages user tasks. It’s main function is to assign responsibility and aid the planning of both internal and external activities. This module also has an ability to set up alerts to monitor compliance with partners and internal and remote teams.


The library stores centralizes and shares documents. It facilitates collaborative work between local and remote users. It supports the management of the thematic information search engine.


The projects function facilitates environmental, legal and social project management. It acts as the centralizing control over various other m-risk functions and applications. It illustrates the status of each project in terms of its degree of progress, permits / licenses, commitments / obligations, activities, among others.

Reports and Information

This tool acts not only as data management, it also manages the reporting for you. The intuitive design is tailored to fit your company’s needs. A growing number of reporting options are regularly added to this application. Access to information is controlled by the central user who can allocate reports and projects to employees.


The Dashboard of m-risk is the central hub that graphically illustrates all modules and projects. By managing all of you information in one place, this snapshot allows the users to have a macro view of the personalised platform.


WebGIS is mapping tool that gives the user a geographical view of the elements contained in georeferenced m-risk applications. It allows territorial deployed reports, georeferencing and a visualisation and locale projects. It also facilitates control and anticipation of possible abnormal behavior.