Partners and Alliances

Additionally, we count with our key partners in sustainability, which makes our value offer even more interesting and hard to compare.

Natural Resource Law Firm

Carcelén, Desmadryl, Guzman & Tapia, a highly specialized law firm specialized in business and regulation of natural resources. Their law firm has extensive experience advising domestic and foreign enterprises and government agencies in fields such as mining, energy, environment, fisheries, aquaculture, water rights, health, safety and food.

Fundación Chile

Fundación Chile (FCH) is the main center for innovation and entrepreneurship in Latin America. Their core value is to promote innovations that “move the boundaries of what is possible”. FCH creates an international network that gives high impact solutions to address the Chilean challenges in sustainability, the development of human capital, education, aquaculture, entrepreneurship, and food.


Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a both global supplier and a leader in social, environmental, health, safety, risks and sustainability consultancy. With more than 160 offices in over 40 countries, ERM is fully committed to provide a consistent, professional, and the highest quality service to their customers.