About us

About us

m-risk is the leading developer of technology platforms and solutions to support companies manage their sustainability and risk administration.

This software was built to reinforce the operational continuity of businesses. Our company is based on the foundation of technological innovation, value creation and minimization of risk.

Our Mission

At m-risk, we work to help improve the quality life of people and sustainability of our planet through functional software support for businesses. With a core focus on health and safety and environmental and social management, our innovative technology platform contributes to building a more sustainable world.

Our Vision

To become a global company developing technology platforms focused on supporting our customers in order to maintain the sustainability of their businesses.

Quality Policy

At m-risk, we are continually researching, innovating and developing our software, so that companies can have a single platform for managing its environmental and social projects. Our platform aids in reinforcing the integrity of many industries, providing a high level of expertise and ease of software implementation and use.

To become the leader in Latin America in the development technology platforms to support our customers in order to maintain the sustainability of their businesses.

Management Team

Juan Carlos Muñoz

Executive Director

Pablo Perich

Manager of Development and Technology

Gastón Aliaga

Head of Product Development

Carolina Campos

Projects and services Manager