A new Verdantix report recognizes the m-risk Platform as a leader in Latin America. In the publication, Verdantix describes how m-risk leads the management of compliance among early adopters in Latin America. According to Verdantix the leadership of m-risk is explained by the following reasons:

  • m-risk Delivers Functionality That Is Critical For Success In The Latin American Market
  • Built a broad geographic presence in the Latin American market
  • Latin American Market Entry Strategies Must Be Informed By Unique Local Needs
  • Keeping up with the dynamic regulatory environment
  • Developed a multiple module EHS software application on a cloud platform
  • Enhancing community engagement for capital project risk management

m-risk according to Verdantix

Founded in 2011, m-risk is a 20-employee EHS software provider headquartered in Santiago, Chile. During the last six years, m-risk has developed a software platform for risk, EHS and sustainability management called m-risk Platform. Due to the relative immaturity of the Latin American market, SAP is m-risk’s only serious competitor and m-risk has won business from early adopters.

m-risk succeeds in the Latin American market by meeting unique local needs, such as enhancing community engagement, guaranteeing data migration support from spreadsheets, and offering risk management tools for natural disasters. EHS software vendors headquartered in Europe and North America who seek to expand into Latin America need to tread carefully as there are unique local requirements that must be met to achieve commercial success. Partnering with or acquiring local providers is the best approach to accelerate and de-risk market entry.

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You can download the full report in the Verdantix web page.

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